Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Just let me be mad, ok!" (28 days til the marathon)

I am in a good 'ol fashioned bad mood. It makes me laugh when I think back to the first week of "training" about a month ago and I was happy and excited about running a marathon. Now I want to spit on my running shoes, scream at my shins, and get fat on potato chips. Ugh - people warned me that my happy-go-lucky attitude would leave but I didn't believe them. It was probably the stupid "runners' high." (Can you hear my bad mood seeping out of this blog?)

It all started on Thursday when the sun was shining and I heard a new kind of bird. I heard the song of a pretty bird out my window and as I sang a little song in my head (la, la, la) I thought to myself, 'Ahhh...spring is on the way.' Sound happy? Well, I was. I rode my bike to the gym and by the time I left, only an hour later, it was puking snow out of the sky, blowing horizontal to the ground, and the temperature had plumetted. I stepped outside in my sandals and literally said, out loud so everyone could hear me, "Are you frickin KIDDING ME!" Had I jinxed spring only several hours earlier? (I think that was a bird from hell, sent from Satan to trick me.) So then my glorious evening was spent studying in the library, for FOUR hours, with a total of three other people in the whole building.

The next day I decided to ditch the books, ditch the training, and head out to the ski resort for one last weekend. First run down....injury. My shin splints, which had gotten so much better, were throbbing and I could barely make it down. I just wanted to cry I was so angry. I was upset at the weather, at the end of school workload, at this "stupid" marathon, (that was the word I used at the time,) and the fact that I couldn't enjoy the last weekend of skiing with friends. So I went home early and went on a miserable run. I called mom to complain but she didn't want to listen. "Mom! Just let me be mad, ok?" What a Friday.

And that brings us to today. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, and every person I knew was up at the resort for a beautiful blue-bird day...except me. I wrapped my legs, went and bought some energy gel crap, and went for a run. Oh god, have you ever tasted those gel packets? It's like eating glue. But maybe it worked because I got a good 45 minutes in and felt great. I even ended the day by lounging in the front yard in the sun.

All in all, things could be worse. I just needed to whine a little bit so you don't think I'm actually excelling at this training thing. I have 28 days to train and 26.2 miles to master. Within that time I have to finish a 20 page final, finish my 65 page thesis, defend my research, graduate, move out of the house, and find a job in Minneapolis. Oh yeah, and consume a lot of energy gel packets. I think I'm going to need a lot more than "gu" to get me through these next three weeks.

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