Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 1 of Re-Training (34 days until race day)

Back on the saddle! Well, let's just say the saddle's a little loose and I wouldn't want to jump over any fences quite yet. If you got lost in that metaphor, what I mean to say is that I'm feeling a lot better but still not "race day" better.

It's been twelve days since I stopped running and I am back at square one. I have asked lots of questions, researched, and listened to far too many opinions, but all I learned is that my body will tell me when it's time to run again, not anyone else. Last week I got my second X-ray of my whole life to determine if I had stress fractures or not. Good news - no fractures! So I kept off the pavement for awhile and started cross-training like crazy. I was running on the elliptical (borrring,) biking on the stationary bikes, and boxing twice a week. Yep, I am in Pink Gloves boxing. It is the most amazing feeling to work so hard you feel like you're going to throw up and then walk into the center and punch the trainer's gloves as hard as you can until you can't lift your arms. So with countless mountain climbers, push-ups, high knees, and jump roping sessions, I feel like I didn't lose a lot of cardio. Now I just need to cut back on the beer and pizza and I should be good to go!

But oh my god...34 days? Are you kidding me! Within those 34 days I have to finish two papers for school, ski the last weekend of Big Sky resort, defend my graduate thesis, actually graduate, plan a going away party, pack up the apartment, and move back to the midwest. Oh yeah, not to mention train for a full marathon. Whew, let's see if I survive this thing!

Day one of re-training....34 to go.

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