Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of The Union?

President Obama delivered the symbolic State of the Union address tonight to hundreds of Congress-people and millions of citizens. But what does this mean to me? I have to wonder if my daily routines are affected by the symbolic poetic rhetoric that is delivered on a night such as this. When I walk down the street and buy a gallon of milk? When I go to the library and browse the hardbacks? When I stroll to the local bar and get a drink?

But then I step back and think a little more critically. A walk down the street means I'm walking on carefully planned infrastructure based on intricate budgets. A gallon of milk requires countless regulations and subsidies. A trip to the library means committees, boards, and political action taken to pay for the hardbacks and computers.

So why aren't more people paying attention?

After the president's speech, a representative from the Republican party gave a response, followed by a representative from the Tea Party. Even though Obama asked us to unite despite our differences, the conflicting rhetoric increased with each representative.

Now I now why people aren't paying attention.

Picture yourself listening to three screaming children, all trying to tell you who was responsible for breaking the Lego castle, after it was so carefully built up. There is screaming, crying, hitting, accusing, blaming. And no one sits down to discuss the problem that, above all else, the Lego castle has crumbled and something needs to be done. How are you supposed to reason with these juveniles?

I agree it is hard to make sense of the issues in Washington and the political jargon that is associated with it, but you must give your intellect the credit it deserves. You can understand government and take a stand on the future you deserve. We have always been preached to about "our children's children's government." Well, think about your government. We can't be the forgotten generation, the generation that gave up trying to make sense of the mess that was left for us on the steps of our capitol.

So get out the books, stop listening to rumors, start questioning, and never, ever stop caring. This is our government, these are our days, and this is our chance to make a difference.

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